I am a creativity addict so I jiggle around with code from time to time.


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I am a creativity addict so I jiggle around with code from time to time. These are some projects of mine:


Simple digital diary software

Project FNew

A social media site that doesn't have a name yet... or a figured out concept

Not yet open source nor publicized

WWW-bot GitHub

A discord bot to moderate and automate my cute lil discord server that barely has any members :c is deleted now! 😈 MIGHT COME BACK AS A CHATBOT!

Henri The Datapack GitHub

'A minecraft datapack revolving around a shady guy named Henri', pretty cringe maybe idk

Project Embloidium

A set of chatbots that could add new reactions on themselves (wouldn't call it AI), that I worked on from my 13th till my 17th, on a combination of With somehow a pretty good result. Mostly.

Keeping this code private.

HL-IMG.js page

I actually created this project just to make a post on here prettier! It allows you to create highlightable images, for coding comfort in a custom element type. I work at this project mostly at night, which, well, explains.

Bananen! 🍌 page

Work in progress!

A CLI tool to maintain and update changelogs.

This site

Yeah, this site is a little project of its own (at the time of writing, the one with the most commits lol). However, it's not open source. Instead, I'm planning to make a separate project that works kinda like this site, as a CMS for small blogs with experienced bloggers.

This site itself is running on private server-side code.

Like what I do? Support me! ❤️

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