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Logger-Diary Online: Winding downLogger-Diary Online

Logger-Diary Online is slowly winding down, you need to know a few things.

Logger-Diary Online: Update summary for summer '23!Logger-Diary Online

Loads of updates coming to Logger-Diary.Online users in the past two months, most of them small enough to go unnoticed. However, I’ll make a small and comprehensible list so they won’t actually go unnoticed!

Doh-Noot - #1: SmilingMy art

Just don't let Doh-Noot walk into the donut shop, okay?

MouseMouse retexturedMy art

The 4K mousemouse I posted earlier in a new papertextured mix!

A misunderstandingMy art

Just trying things out lol

Logger-Diary Online is coming back to Mar's home domain.Logger-Diary Online

Logger-Diary Online is coming back to for financial reasons.

MouseMouse in hi-res!My art

MouseMouse redone in a 4k canvas by me!

Going ad-less.Meta

First Google Adsense, now adfocus too. Going ad-less.

Bella bee: Hi!My art

A first try that went exceptionally well!

Logger-Diary News now served on Mar's website!Logger-Diary Online

Logger-Diary Online News is now served from


My site now has a cat following your mouse around!

No more WordpressMeta

This site no longer runs on Wordpress, this is how and why I did it.

We moved to a new adress - https://logger-diary.onlineLogger-Diary Online

We moved to our own adress!

Markdown support!Logger-Diary Online

Logger-Diary Online now has markdown support!

Farewell Google Adsense thenMeta

I dropped Google Adsense after they started acting weird. How to continue?

Amigo & Ferry: HiMy art

Two shy best friends!

Leafornia’s travels - chapter twoStory ideas:
Leafornia's travels

Today went bad. I underestimated how hard it is for me to live here. Physically, I am weaker than my lost demon. However, I don’t know if this world didn’t mess him up mentally. I also need to take in consideration that my normal me is weak in this world, and that my powers are way too strong for this world. I may no longer use my powers if unnecessarily. Regards from earth.

Leafornia’s travels - chapter oneStory ideas:
Leafornia's travels

“No, I beg you! I’ll do my best next time, I’ll make sure your fire is as hot as you want it! Please!” She sat back in her red velvet throne, looking him dead in the eye, making clear that his begging made no sense to her. “You foolish giant demon. I do not see why I should spare you, for it is only one human life, and you did not quite do as you promised last time.”, she spoke. “And no. I do not care about the temperature of my fire, it is only for decoration. I’ll just send you there because that’s what I do, no reason behind it.”

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